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Solutions & Portfolio

REMECH is specialized in efficiently automating the production of complex products like cars with a high model variability. Our key focus lies in mechanized, partly mechanized and fully mechanized assembly tasks for the production.

Thanks to our long-standing experience we can offer you a broad range of services and solutions for body shop, final assembly and complex material handling tasks.

Body Shop

Cycle time-optimized efficiency, ergonomics and precision

We implement partly and fully automated, geometrically determined assembly equipment and assembly systems according to your requirements in the Body Shop Finish.


  • Doors
  • Dampers
  • Attachment parts and hinges

Inline quality measurement system for measuring gap and flushness

Contact: Andre Thieme

Final assembly

Innovative, model-flexible and precise solutions

In the final assembly powertrain, cockpit and frontend need to be inserted exactly in time.

REMECH develops optimally customized solutions for complex assembly tasks like marriage and pre-assembly.

Turnkey assembly systems

  • Chassis marriage
  • Cockpit installation

Pre-assembly systems incl. connection and decoupling

  • Motor / gear
  • Gear unit
  • Chassis
  • Cockpit

Contact: Jens Müller

Conveyor Systems

Precise and model-flexible material handling and positioning

Special conveyours

We are specialized in multifunctional conveyor systems for the body shop, which help to transport and precisely position the bodies for the assembly of attachment parts.

The lift-drop-conveyors are of modular design and have a multi-positioning unit, and thus they can be realized in a model-flexible and future-oriented way.

  • Basic lift-drop-conveyor
  • Flexi lift-drop-conveyor
  • Multi-PSE

Conveyor systems

  • Roller conveyors
  • Lifters
  • Overhead
  • Isolating buffer

Contact: Kay Pöhlmann