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REMECH - innovative solutions for battery handling

Growing requirements in electrical automotive industry make it necessary to invent and use new technologies in Battery handling. Therefore, general basics, like an exact positioning, short cycle times, machine reliability and a careful movement of these new, so called “High-voltage-storages”, are important specifications to invent and use new technologies. Based on these facts, Remech is offering a semi- or full automatic solution regarding battery installation and movement in cycle mode or continuous mode. The system guarantees an exact positioning via independent sync-mode, as well as in fluctuating line speed.

Redundant and connected systems for lift and drive modes and a double cable installation are basic requirements to lower system faults. The lifting unit as the main component is working with a belt system and a main shaft based on a low maintenance effort.

The battery-gripper, as the touched car part unit requires a special and individual care in design and manufacturing. To be flexible in changing, the gripper is working intelligent by using own pneumatical and electrical units. This kind of system makes it possible to change the gripper within some minutes by plug off a few cables.

So with his system, Remech is owing a high flexible unit, which is already in production at famous car brands.