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Successful launch of the lift-drop-conveyor II

REMECH has launched the second generation of its lift-drop-conveyor, which has been successfully placed on the market since 1998. It has now been used in the production line for the first time, getting throughout positive feedback.

The construction of the new lift-drop-conveyor has been completely revised and now disposes over a counterbalance system, which helps to significantly reduce the power required for lifting.

An overview over the key benefits:

  • reduction of the energy requirements of up to 65%
  • significantly shorter lifting times
  • better ease of maintenance
  • integrated easily because of reduced height
  • Industry 4.0 – Preparation
  • Preventive maintenance through control of diverse parameters in real time

If you are interested in our lift-drop-conveyor portfolio, please contact:

Kay Pöhlmann; kay.poehlmann(at); +49 (3671) 5753-32.