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Chassis marriage line for a renowned car manufacturer

Last year the project had started by planning and executing the first concepts. Within this year, all plans were put into practice: The chassis marriage line for a renowned car manufacturer. With pin-point precision and maximum attention to every detail, our staff developed the whole system according to the customer’s requirements and specifications. Our REMECH project managers made sure, that the workflow and all agreements with the customer ran smoothly and straight-forward to everybody’s success.

During the execution process on site, technicians and engineers played a mayor key role to make the system running well. Thanks to their commitment and effort, the complex project could be implemented successfully – first in a tryout in Erfurt and then finally at the customer’s location.

After the successful tryout and shipment confirmation we were able to finish construction and installation at its final area within a remarkably short time period. Following an extensive test phase, the production of new vehicles can start now.

Despite our long-term experience, the completion of a marriage line system like this means something extraordinary for all colleagues and parties involved in the project. The main challenge was it to realize a modular chassis marriage line, which will be implemented in several other factories in the future. Once again we were able to achieve perfect customer satisfaction - our permanent goal and motivation.